See Live ART in Pasadena

Courtyard fountainFrom the courtyard with its beautiful fountain to the tiled ceilings in the auditorium.. you enter a different world when you go to the Pasadena Playhouse. It is a gorgeous theater over 90 years old.  The thing I like about going to live theater is that when the lights go down… the actors are ON…. cell phones are off… people lean in… anything can happen!  So when it comes together …the sets, the stage, the story, the audience and the performances, it’s quite satisfying.  And certainly a better way to spend a weekday evening than most.

A few days ago I saw a wonderful performance of the play ART at the Pasadena Playhouse.  The play itself had wonderful performances delivered in pithy dialog.   The 3 actors Bradley Whitford, Michael O’Keefe & Roger Bart were enthusiastically annoyed with each other as they confront what values, taste and friendship really mean to them. It is the kind of humor that fans of the TV show Frasier  or Arrested Development will appreciate.  ART is directed by David Lee and performances will run through Feb 19th.