Just Imagine Captures John Lennon’s Soul

Just Imagine at the HayworthWent to see the show “just imagine” at the Hayworth Theatre a few days ago.  I came away with the feeling that I saw John Lennon perform live!  Tim Piper’s uncanny resemblance and voice compared to the former Beatle was astounding.   This guy was the real deal.  It was fun to “just Imagine” the whole Beatles saga from Lennon’s first person narrative.  The entire audience seem to know all the word to all the songs which made it a bit sentimental at times.   Good tunes, good fun… impressive performance.  Baby boomers will enjoy the show for sure… younger folks will get a rock history lesson.  Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.

The Hayworth Theatre is a bit run down –the kind of place fitting of rock show, but much cozier.  Parking right next door will cost a few bucks. Tickets at the box office start at $41 but the last time I checked you could still get them for half price through Goldstar.

The Illusion is enchanting

This past weekend I was delighted to see Tony Kushner’s play “The Illusion” at the new Noise Within Theater in Pasadena.    It is a story about love.  Take a leap, wrap your head around its classical language and you’ll discover storytelling at its finest.   I can’t remember the last time I saw a play where I was inspired to read it as well.

Having A Noise Within Theater group move to Pasadena has been another wonderful distraction.  I haven’t seen much classic theater in the past  so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. After seeing three plays this year, I have to admit that I’ve been impressed.

For more info on The Illusion, check out Candyce Columbus’ review of the Illusion in the Examiner.

Scene from The Illusion