Harry Potter World Rocks!

Last weekend my teenage daughter, my octogenarian  mom and I shared some adventures at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, FL.  It was  magical indeed!  Three generations of women who enjoyed the same wonderful stories of Harry, Ron and Hermione, told in seven books and eight movies can now boast about two stints with Harry Potter on the Forbidden journey ride!   It’s hard to think of an amusement park as  “media” but it really is one of the most American Media forms.  It weaves advertising, moving pictures, theater, music and art into a single all encompassing experience.

Sure, people complain that amusement parks are “commercial” but when you set that aside it’s hard not to appreciate what a fantastic act of creation it is.  The attention to detail is impressive. From the museum quality queuing areas in the rides to the delicious chocolate frogs and magical gifts available at in the shops at Hogsmeade.  And to think it all started when J.K.Rowling started doodling on  the back of a napkin.  A few words on a page that became more, and more and MORE.   The books, the movies and the theme park is now something that three generations of Harry Potter fans can share and enjoy.  I will never forget this wonderful weekend with my mom and daughter.  As my mom said … we were making memories for us to enjoy for when we get old.  Mom, since you are still riding roller coasters at 84… I think old age may be a while off for you.  🙂

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